AppStore release and the first exhibition

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Baroque Virtual Gallery app on the AppStore. Despite the ongoing war in Ukraine, our team managed to evacuate to a safer region of the country and continue working on the project.

The app offers a unique opportunity to explore and experience the beauty of contemporary art from the comfort of your own home. Our team has invented a never-before-seen mix of an augmented and virtual reality experience for max immersion in each exhibition.

In addition, we are excited to invite you to our first charity NFT exhibition, Ukraine.Art.War. This exhibition accompanies an auction that features work by 11 talented artists from Ukraine, and all funds raised from sales will be directed toward providing humanitarian supplies to those affected by the war.


We understand the importance of supporting those in need during these difficult times, and we hope that our first exhibition, as well as many upcoming ones, can contribute to the relief efforts in our country. We encourage you to explore the virtual exhibition and consider making a purchase to support this worthy cause.

Thank you for your support! Stay tuned for more stunning exhibitions in our app!

Baroque team

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