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Artem Humilevskiy
Coming from a different background, Artem Humilevsky joined MYPH.art photography school which started a new page in his artistic practice. Conceptual art photography took his main attention. A project called GIANT has become a starting point in his artistic career. During the lockdown when every person went through certain restrictions, Artem, as a starting ...
A Study in Blue-Yellow
Andrey Kezzyn
Andrey Kezzyn is a known anti-putinist and supporter of Ukraine. The body of presented works proves it in full. The works were created in Berlin, where he lives and works for quite some time already. Partially composed with sarcastic notes, that belongs to most of the author's art, the works are dedicated to the war in Ukraine and still filled with grief and compassion ...
Dreams made of red
Olga Lisowska
All the works were made in 2022 after the war in Ukraine started. All of them are about the fact that the spring of this year disappeared and about the things that remained instead of it. Every spring before that was a time for me when everything comes alive and every leaf is a cause for quiet joy. Now, the birth of spring is the crows circling above dead bodies and crying ...
Mitya Fenechkin
Artworks created in the spring 2022 in Odesa, during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops.
DACA Art Consulting Agency
The virtual exhibition “RESISTANCE” is created from the works of multiple Ukrainian artists: young and experienced. They live in different cities, work in different styles and with different media. In the previous version of reality - the peaceful one - we could hardly imagine getting these works together in one space. But war has changed everything ...
Lost routes / Втрачені шляхи
Olga Chekotovska
The photo series on lost routes in Mariupol. There’s no opportunities to come back to Mariupol as well as there’s no way to escape. The city is heavily breathing. It’s a hostage of war.

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